iFEAT Program Alumni

iFEAT AlumnusUniversity of Illinois DepartmentAcademic Level During ProgramCurrent EmployerPosition
Yanfen Li(Coordinator)BioengineeringGraduate StudentUniversity of Massachusetts LowellAssistant Teaching Professor
Wan-Yuan KuoFood Science and Human NutritionPostdocMontana State UniversityAssistant Professor
Rebecca Hortensius
BioengineeringGraduate StudentUniversity of MinnesotaPostdoc
Emily Jenkins
Civil and Environmental EngineeringGraduate StudentIllinois State Water SurveyHydrologic and Hydraulic Engineerg
Danielle Mai (Coordinator)
Chemical EngineeringGraduate StudentMITArnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow
Yulia MaximenkoPhysics Graduate StudentUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignPhD Candidate
Patricia WeisenseeMechanical Sciences and EngineeringGraduate StudentWashington University in St. LouisAssistant Professor
Wan-Ting (Grace) Chen (Coordinator)Agricultural and Biological EngineeringGraduate StudentUniversity of Massachusetts LowellAssistant Professor
Rebecca ReckSystems and Entrepreneurial EngineeringGraduate StudentKettering UniversityAssistant Professor
Kristin HutchinsChemistryPostdocTexas Tech UniversityAssistant Professor
Anahid BehrouziCivil and Environmental EngineeringGraduate StudentCalifornia Polytechnic State University - San Luis ObispoAssistant Professor
Allison GoodwellCivil and Environmental EngineeringPostdocUniversity of Colorado Denver (start Jan 2018)Assistant Professor
Ritu RamanMechanical Sciences and EngineeringGraduate StudentMITPostdoctoral Fellow

Please check out some testimonials from past participants!

“The iFEAT program was instrumental in helping me assemble my application package! The panels and peer reviews allowed me to hear about each component and then go through a few drafts to improve each document. Rohit also helped me move around the sections of my CV to highlight the most important information about myself. I would recommended this program to anyone considering applying for an academic position!”

“I have attended several workshops targeted at preparing grad students/postdocs for the faculty application process, but iFEAT is the only program that took time to walk me through this challenging academic/professional/personal journey with such detail and over the course of several months. iFEAT does a great job of connecting participants with mentors and a faculty-focused peer community, and helped me build meaningful relationships that continue to support me. iFEAT is a great program and an excellent resource!”

“iFEAT provided me a strong leg up in my faculty applications because our cohort was exposed to detailed advice about crafting our teaching and research statements, among other documents and interview stages that we would encounter. This was experience and advice that many of my colleagues did not have access to.
Furthermore, the peer-review process was invaluable, not just because it encouraged us to prepare quality and complete drafts of our documents long before submission to universities, but also because it linked us with other women who were seeking the same goals. In particular one of my group members was critical in my preparation of a IRB approved research study during my PhD as she was able to share with me her prior experience doing something similar.
I continue to be a strong advocate among the women who are still in the graduate program at Illinois to participate in the iFEAT program because it was so critical to my success.”

“It was incredibly helpful, I believe that attending the seminars AND following through the writing assignments with peer review are what prepared me this past semester for submitting my faculty applications. This comment is based on conversations I have had with my peers from Illinois or other institutions submitting to similar faculty openings.

When I applied to iFEAT, I was unsure if I wanted to pursue a career in academia, and even more clueless on HOW to pursue a career in academia. I really appreciated the program; I have a much better idea on how to prepare application materials. More than that, though, I know what my weaknesses are in terms of how a university will see me. I plan on using the next few years to publish papers and guest lecture at UIUC to build my resume and teaching skills. And then reevaluate to determine if I want to actively seek a professor position. Thank you for a great program!”

Really useful to start writing statements and thinking about job search, especially for anyone looking for jobs that semester but also for me. I also liked hearing from a variety of panelists for their viewpoints.