Interview Panel with Dr. Cunningham, Li and Nagi

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On October 21st, we were fortunate enough to have Professors Cunningham, Li, and Nagi come and discuss the interview process with our participants. Learning about topics such as what to expect when on a campus interview is just part of what our program offers. Thanks again to our panelists and to the SWE historian who took these pictures!

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Chatting with the Dean!

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We had the honor of having Dean Cangellaris join us for one of our sessions. He was able to give us his take on different issues concerning faculty and we had a wonderful discussion. Thank you so much for coming!

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iFEAT 2016-2017 is starting!

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The program starts next week! We are excited about our upcoming group of participants.

We had an overwhelming number of applicants this year. Only 70% of applicants got in to the program! Thank you to everyone who applied. We are delighted that our program is growing.